30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 6/30 – Jealous Angels (Supernatural/Destiel)

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Title: Jealous Angels
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Feels
Word Count: 1,210
Summary: When Castiel sees how close Dean and Benny become during his absence in Purgatory he becomes a tiny bit jealous.

Dean Winchester slid through the dirt expertly whilst dodging a side blow from an oncoming Leviathan. He flicked his wrist and brought the homemade sword-scythe down on the neck of the humanoid lunging towards him. A decapitated head nearly tripped the burly Vampire Benny as he nearly through a female shaped Leviathan clear over his head. Dean stuck the blade out and the beast impaled itself with the protruding metal and let out a long screech of rage. Benny reached down and quickly ripped off the screaming creatures head by the neck and threw the unattached extremity into the tree line. Benny grinned as he reached down to help Dean back up on his feet. Dean smiled back and grabbed the larger mans forearm and was hoisted onto his feet with ease.


Castiel watched from the background as the two held a look for what seemed to last just a moment too long. The smiles never left their faces as they released each others limbs and surveyed the area for any other dangers. Castiel had already checked for any Leviathan’s laying in weight while the two shared a personal moment and found none and was ready to move on. Dean raised an eyebrow as he looked over at Castiel who returned his gaze with nothing but ice cold steel. He had never seen Castiel look at him like that before, unless he counted the times he was God or controlled by Leviathans. Or that one time he had told Castiel he was going to give himself over to Michael to save the world. He had been very angry with him then however, and he couldn’t recall doing anything to piss the nerdy angel off that badly since they entered Purgatory.


You okay, Sunshine?” Benny seemed to notice the tension as well as he wiped the blood off of the ax he had made for himself. Castiel turned his gaze to Benny who raised his head to look farther down on the Angel. It was apparent he was not in the best of moods and something told the Vampire it might have something to do with him. Castiel glared icy daggers into Benny’s skull as he advanced on him. Dean was more then a little nervous. Castiel was an Angel was Benny was a Vampire, Castiel had all the power in this situation as it would be easier then a snap of his fingers to kill a demon like Benny.


I am not a mass of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon and iron placed 92,960,000 miles from the Earth to sustain life on the planet. I am an Angel of the Lord and I demand respect, you’re lucky you haven’t been smited for merely being in my presence.”


I’d like to see you try, pretty boy.” Benny stepped closer to Castiel who balled his hand into a fist. The Vampire was obviously testing the Angel’s patience and Dean didn’t know whether intervention was the right course of action to take. He liked to think he was big and bad but if a fight went down between these two he wasn’t sure if he would have the strength to break the two of them apart before one actually caused serious harm to the other.


Guys. Come on. We all have a common goal here and that’s not being here anymore. We’re going to need our combined efforts to get to where we’re going so can we just try to get along without smoking the other?” Dean held his breath for a moment waiting for any sort of reaction.


Of course. But know that I am doing this for you and not this abomination.” Castiel backed up without being defeated. If Dean did not wish for the two of them to fight, and logically so, he would respect his wishes.


Oh we all know you ain’t doin’ it for me. You have your head so far up Dean’s ass I’m surprised you can see anyone else.” Benny scoffed and through a stray rock in to the bushes before stomping off like an over grown child.


Hey, where you goin’?” Dean called after Benny attempting to keep the panic from his voice. Benny was the only one who knew for sure where the door out of Purgatory was and if Castiel chased him off then they had no chance of escape.


Gettin’ some firewood, don’t be too loud now since I won’t be here to protect you while you two dissolve into a puddle of feelings,” and Benny disappeared into the thick forest. Dean rolled his eyes as he began to looks for a strong looking tree to sleep beneath for the night. It was times like this that he felt like the most vulnerable of the group. He was only human and needed to do things that Benny and Castiel didn’t, like eat and sleep.


I don’t understand why you tolerate having that abomination in your presence.” Castiel looked towards the sky and attempted to look in any direction but Deans. He was still mildly upset with his hunter and did not wish to exchange anymore words.


We need him to get us out of here.”


No, we do not. It may take us a few more days time but we would eventually find the exit you seek without him. You are letting him use you, he only cares for your safety for his own personal gain. Once you and he escape from Purgatory, if you can, there will be no reason for him to keep you alive.”


Cas, I don’t want to argue with you about this.”


I wish only for your safety.” Dean sighed and leaned against the tree heavily.


It will always be you, Cas.” Castiel looked up slowly. “You don’t have to worry about Benny. I mean… I don’t even really know why I’m telling you this. I’m sure you don’t care. Benny and I share a friendship because we’ve been in battle together for over a year. I’m sure there are Angel’s in Heaven you would protect without thinking because you’ve been on the battlefield together. That’s all this is. So… don’t be jealous alright.”


I’m an Angel, we don’t feel jealousy.” Castiel, however deep in his chest, felt a pressure release that had been building up since he had first witnessed Dean’s interaction with the Vampire.


Right. And I’m sure you don’t ever feel that giant stick up your ass either.” Dean gave Castiel a sideways glance before snickering softly. Castiel nodded for a moment before letting a smile tug at his lips.


30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 5/30 – Hunger Pains (Supernatural/Destiel – Rated R!)

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Title: Hunger Pains
Rating: R
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Slash, Oral Sex
Word Count: 2,224
Summary: When Famine rolls into town and Castiel falls under his spell, he discovers that his human vessel is not the only one who is hungry.

Castiel, we need your help. People are eating each other and we think it might be Famine… you know, the Horseman. So bring your feathered ass down here.” Dean Winchester peaked an eye open and looked around the room for the angel who had become a more permanent part of their lives as of late. The swift flap of wings could be heard as a calming breeze filled the room for a moment. Castiel stood in confidence near the closed door of the medical ward.

Hello, Dean.” Dean nodded curtly, his chest swelling up with pride as Castiel acknowledged him before his brother. He didn’t know why he felt so happy when these little moments occurred that Dean was positive Castiel did not do intentionally. But it did feel nice to be put first by someone he cared for. “Sam.” Castiel walked around the stainless steel table to stand beside Dean. “What have you discovered about the murders?”

All of the victims that died together have a mark on their hearts that are identical.” Dean pointed to two plastic tubs pushed from the rest of the dissected body parts. Castiel picked up one of the human hearts and investigated the marking. “Others have also ate and drank themselves to death across the city with no known connections. We think it might be Famine.”

These markings are from a cherub angel your species refers to as Cupid. These two humans were destined to mate.” Castiel placed the heart back into the plastic container and looked for something to wipe off his hands.

You mean that old wive’s tale is true?”

Why do you think modern science has not come up with a definitive answer as to why people fall in love?”

Well, I assumed it was because people with common interests and goals in mind made the conscious decision to be together.” Castiel stared at Sam for a while as Dean shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

No Sam, like many species, man was made to make more of itself. If not for the intervention of Cupid’s your population would be over double the size it sits at now. Your species has become almost entirely animalistic and would do nothing but spend their free time creating life if not for holy intervention.” Sam blinked for a moment and Dean couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for his younger brother. Sam had always been more of a dreamer than his brother and still believed in the fairy tale happy ending. It must have been a mighty blow to find out that love had nothing to do with anything Sam did and was reliant completely upon a small semi-naked child flying around shooting people in the ass with love arrows.

Okay, so where would we find the closest cupid?” Dean leaned back as he tore off the plastic gloves protecting his skin from foreign blood.

Well, it is Valentine’s Day. That has to be a busy day for them right? So maybe a restaurant or bar?” Dean nodded at Sam and the two began to remove their aprons and make their way out of the door.

You’re going to need my help in capturing the cherub. Only I will be able to see him and tether him to this world so that you may speak to him.” Castiel followed the brothers out of the morgue and into the closest dining establishment that they came across. He placed himself on the opposing side of Dean Winchester and waited for the familiar breeze of love spell to sweep through the room. Concentrating on the entire room for any sign of the turncoat cupid he had little appreciation for time that passed between them, Dean and Sam exchanged casual conversation as they waited for their orders to arrive in front of them so they could satisfy their empty stomachs. Castiel, being an Angel, required next to nothing to survive. He required neither food nor rest like his human vessel would if he were not occupied within. Castiel’s gaze turned to Dean Winchester as a large plate containing a burger and deep fried potatoes was laid before him. He had seen Dean eye meals like this with near lust on previous occasions but something seemed different.

Castiel watched as a small breeze ruffled his human charge’s hair softly. His deep brown eyes stared in boredom at the meal before him as he nearly drowned the beef in Ketchup. His mind was suddenly clouded as he watched Dean grip the plastic red bottle and give it bursts of gentle squeezes. He could imagine those hands wrapped around him, gentle squeezes and strokes hoping to produce a liquid of their own. Castiel’s gaze moved to the burger that Dean went to pick up and pushed away slowly. A deep pit in his stomach began to form as he watched small drops of deep red ketchup drip over melted cheese and ground cow.

Are you going to eat that?” Dean didn’t even look at Castiel as he picked up his plate and handed it to the Angel sitting across from him. Castiel would admit that he was slightly irritated that Dean refused to give him attention other then to hand him his uneaten meal. As he bit into the nearly burnt cheeseburger Castiel gazed to the corner of the room. Why was he suddenly so interested in where Dean’s eyes were? More importantly, why was he suddenly so famished? He was an Angel, he didn’t need sustenance from man nor beast and suddenly he was craving both.

See anything Cas?” Sam inquired as he watched Castiel consume the burger as though it were a finger sandwich. He couldn’t remember the last time, or anytime for that matter, that Cas had ever eaten anything. Cas took a small look around before shaking his head and returning to the burger.

No,” Castiel pushed the plate away from his body allowing the mountain of fried potatoes to remain, “I will check other establishments of human interactions for his presence.” Castiel was suddenly gone and Dean stood up.

Might as well go back to the hotel and catch some shut eye while he runs around town.” Sam raised his eyebrow.

Shouldn’t we wait here for him? He can cover a lot of ground rather quickly.” Dean shrugged and picked up his jacket.

He knows where we’re staying.”

You go on ahead. I’ll stay here for a little while then go make a supply run just in case. We’re almost out of SoCo either way.” Dean nodded and made his way out of the restaurant and into the Impala. It had been a very long time since he had rejected a perfectly good burger. He hadn’t remembered if he had been hungry when he ordered or if it was simply out of habit but he knew the moment he went to take a bite he suddenly no longer want it anywhere near him. This was very unlike him and pointed away from Famine being behind the odd murders. They were back to square one with their only lead pointing towards a Cupid gone rogue which was honestly the most ridiculous thing he had heard about in a very long time. It would explain the deaths of the couples with the matching hearts but the deaths of the others who over gorged themselves on food and drink still had no explanation, Unless Cupid somehow had a way of making them fall in love with a few dozen pepperoni pizzas they still were out in the rain.

Dean crashed onto his hotel room bed heavily and looked at the ceiling lazily. He didn’t feel like eating or drinking or even watching porn. He felt like only turning in early and going to sleep for no other reason other than he had nothing else to do. He stretched out fully clothed on top of the bed on the comforter and closed his eyes. The flap of wings made him open his eyes as Castiel appeared a few feet from the foot of his bed. The trench coat clad Angel was holding a large white paper bag of what looked like takeout.

Since when do you eat?” Castiel reached into the bag and pulled out a tinfoil wrapped burger before setting the bag onto the floor.

I think our original assessment of eying Famine as the culprit behind the murders was correct. It seems my vessel’s Jimmy’s hunger for red meat is transferring over to me. Where’s Sam?” Castiel still hadn’t looked over at Dean as he bit into the burger patties hungrily.

Stayed at the restaurant for a while in case you went back there then said he was gonna go shopping for a while. You have any idea where Famine is hiding?” Castiel nearly swallowed the burger whole before looking over at Dean.

No.” Castiel gazed at the full figure laid out before him on the bed mere feet from him. Bare skin barely peaked out from the button up shirt that clung to Dean as his arms rested about his head. A carnal heat swam through his veins as his eyes clouded. Jimmy was a married man with child and this hunger was not coming from his vessel. This desire for Dean’s skin between his lips were all his own. He was an Angel, a warrior of God, and was being enthralled by the frills of man. Perhaps he had fallen beyond redemption but as long as a panting Dean Winchester was pressed beneath him he was sure he wouldn’t care.

You alright, Cas?” Dean looked at him with unveiled concerned and he could no longer control himself. A small gasp escaped Dean’s lips as Castiel suddenly appeared on top of him.

I’m sorry, Dean. I’m afraid even Famine can enthrall the desire of Angels.” Castiel laid his hands on top of Dean’s wrists and held them down as he placed his lips against the humans racing pulse.

Cas?” A small moan escaped behind the name as Castiel’s tongue ran across the pulsing skin. Dean made no move to struggle against him, much to Castiel’s surprise, he had assumed he would meet at least a small portion of resistance as Dean embodied the heterosexual male image. Castiel knew of Dean’s feelings for him but he never made any moves to come out of shell out of fear and the Angel was not going to push the issue.

Castiel slowly released Dean’s wrists when he was comfortable that Dean would not make a move against him and slowly ran his hands down strong pectoral muscles. Digits thrummed against reach individual rib as they made their way to remove buttons and clasps. Deans hands took hold of Castiel’s neck and brought their lips together. The hunter’s hips ground into the Angel sitting on top of him as he discarded article of clothing one at a time. Dean attempted to push off Castiel’s overcoat but the Angel refused to budge. He placed Dean’s hands firmly at his sides before trailing kisses along his sternum.

That’s just not fair.” Dean gasped as the edges of Castiel’s trench coat brushed against his needy heat. He was completely naked under those strong blue eyes and the Angel had yet to shed an article.

Shush.” Dean blushed as Castiel’s eyes locked on him as he pressed his lips into the dip of his hip bone. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Dean. I’ve seen inside your dreams. We are about to bring into reality something you have fantasized about in the past.”

Stay out of my dreams!” A loud gasp erupted from Dean as Castiel’s tongue ran along his entire length,

You’re the one bringing me into your dreams, Dean Winchester.” Before Dean could mount a defense Castiel took him fully into his mouth and the hunter was reduced to breath and unintelligible grunts. Castiel’s eyes stayed solely on Dean’s as bobbed his head slowly along the heated flesh throbbing against his tongue. He noted every facial expression, every breath and every noise that escaped from Dean’s lips and stored them for future use. Dean could no longer stand staring into those lust filled blue eyes and instead leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Cas.” His body naturally reacted to the need of release and his hips bucked gently attempting to create extra friction. Castiel grabbed onto Dean’s thighs and easily help him down with easy, he was much stronger then Dean and was eager to show off his strength when needed. Dean groaned loudly as Castiel increased his pace in hopes of sending Dean completely over the edge. The hunter’s back arched suddenly as he propped himself on his forearms. A loud sexual cry emitted from deep within Dean’s chest as he released into Castiel’s waiting mouth.

Dean crashed into the mattress as it nearly swallowed him whole. Surrounded in bliss and cheap satisfaction Dean let out a long sigh as he swiftly crawled underneath the covers. Castiel lazily reached over the side of the bed and handed a tinfoil oval towards Dean eying him innocently. “Burger?”

30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 4/30 – An Angel’s Heaven (Supernatural/Destiel)

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Title: An Angel’s Heaven
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Fluff, Feels
Word Count: 1,778
Summary: After escaping Purgatory and making sure Dean Winchester is safe, Castiel decides to return to Heaven and finally see what his own personal heaven dimension becomes.


A blinding light. That was the only thing that Castiel witnessed when Dean was pulled through the hole in Purgatory. He had reached out to Dean as he was dragged away by pairs of invisible hands and called his name. For the first time in his existence Castiel was scared. Scared not for himself but for Dean Winchester, he would be left alone on Earth with no one but himself to protect him. Granted, he had been protecting himself his entire life but there were things out there hunting him now that only Castiel could protect him from. He had angered a lot of people stopping the apocalypse, not once, but twice and these people were more powerful then anyone could possibly imagine. Dean needed Castiel to protect him and he had no way of doing so now,

Dean turned to attack whatever had hold of him and that was the last Castiel saw of Dean. A pain hit his heart suddenly as that final image played through his mind. Dean was clawing at the things holding him, the things that were taking him to Sam and to freedom. And he was fighting with them to release him. He would rather be stuck in Purgatory and surly die a slow and painful death if it meant staying with him. Castiel bowed his head as the growls of Leviathan filled his ears, there was a pack closing in on him from multiple directions. He had no chance of escape as the Leviathan had a power to block Angels from escaping, surly one of the reasons why they were one of the few things in creation that had the ability to kill Angels.

I’m sorry, Dean.” Castiel closed his eyes and waited for the beasts to rip him apart limb by limb, escaping into a silent and painless world waiting for the end. He waited for what seemed like an eternity for everything to become dark but it never came, in fact things only seemed to become brighter. Castiel waited a few moments longer, preparing for the reality to sink in that the Leviathan were lulling him into a false sense of security so his death would be felt when he felt he was safe. He took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes.

Castiel was met with a beautiful blue afternoon sky that he would always recognize. He was lying in soft lush green grass and the sounds of chirping birds could be heard from the nearby fruit trees. A multicolored kite crossed the clouds as Castiel sat up heavily. He was inside the heaven of an older autistic man he had grown very fondly of over the past century. He looked around slowly waiting for the scenery to bleed into black and red and return to Purgatory as a ripped apart sack of meat. But a pair of honey bees landed on large sunflower to his left and touched antennas and he somehow felt at peace with himself. Castiel knew then that he was out of Purgatory and in the safe arms of his Father, the Lord. He stood and brushed off his overcoat before returning his gaze to the beautiful blue sky. Had he died and been resurrected back in Heaven? Or had he simply been picked up and placed her without going through the ordeal of death at all? He couldn’t presume to know his Father’s plans for him, he had stopped attempting to figure it out a long time ago.

Dean.” Castiel turned away from the sky and instead stared at the dark green grass being crumpled beneath his black work shoes. Dean’s ribs were still inscribed with ancient markings that hid him from the sights of all Angels. Castiel would not be able to locate Dean quickly unless Dean called or prayed to him and told him where he was. Castiel had no idea where the exit to Purgatory had put Dean on Earth or even if he was still alive. The Vampire they had been traveling with in Purgatory, Benny, would have no further use for Dean once he returned his essence to his bones on Earth. There was no telling where Benny’s true allegiances would lie once he no longer needed Dean alive. Castiel knew one thing for certain however, he would scour the world looking for Dean city by city, home by home if that is what it took to find him. Street signs flew by as Castiel used his angelic powers to run states at blinding speeds looking for Dean Winchester. He checked every motel room and boarded up empty farm houses for sign of either of the brothers or the Vampire.

As he crossed into Missouri a tingle in his stomach told him to stop and check an old cemetery a few miles off of the highway. Dean was kneeling over an open grave with a bloody knife at his side. A large figure was appearing behind him and Castiel, still invisible to Dean, poised himself ready to strike if the figure had any intentions of harming him. The blob formed itself into an immense human shape with thick features and sharp teeth. Benny showed his toothy grin to Dean who smiled back and the two embraced enthusiastically. Castiel simply stood there and watched as the Vampire thanked Dean for his help and the two exchanged contact numbers.

Castiel bowed his head as the two men went their separate ways and Dean nearly passed through Castiel as he left. It seemed that Benny was not at all what Castiel expected him to be and Dean was going on his way, presumably back to this brother. And for the first time in a very long time he felt useless. Dean had made it out of Purgatory without him and didn’t stop for a moment to look back. He was ready to leave Castiel behind and perhaps it was best that they part ways. They had stopped the Leviathans, killed Dick Roman, Raphael and stopped the apocalypse twice together. What else could possibly need doing? Perhaps he could finally go to Heaven and find his peace and wait a few more decades for Dean to join him there.

Castiel’s invisible wings flapped and before he knew it he was in front of a pair of large oak engraved doors. Castiel had never actually entered his own Heaven dimension before. Angels were created shortly after Heaven had come to be and were the first to create their own versions of paradise. Castiel however, had chose to watch the Earth in his spare time and follow his Fathers orders instead of swimming in fabricated decadence as some of his more frivolous brothers did. A part of him was slightly nervous to open the doors to his own personal Heaven. Heaven dimensions had the ability to delve into the deepest desires of ones heart and mind and create a unique atmosphere that catered to what made a person the happiest.

For Dean Winchester, his Heaven fabricated into memories of his mother, who he obviously missed very much even as an adult. Simple human things like cooking dinner and completing household chores that children took for granted were his Heaven as having a mother was something he went without growing up. For others, generally the elderly, they envisioned outdoor atmospheres, tranquil settings with a lot of wildlife and foliage. Castiel himself wasn’t even sure what it was that he expected in his own personal paradise. As an Angel, he needed nor truly wanted much of anything that he could not have acquired with ease.

Castiel took in a deep breath and pushed the doors open slowly and stepped into the materializing white light. He shielded his eyes as the bright light slowly dissipated and his breath caught deep in his throat. Two human boys still in the early stages of life were running around a large open yard of green grass with a large pond set in the tree line. A dog chased after them enthusiastically and tackled the smaller boy into the dirt and giggled as the hound licked his face. The older boy collapsed into the ground beside him and laughed alongside him and the dog crashed in between them. Birds and fish shared the clear water within the nearby pond. A large field nearby housed what looked like a quite a few different horse breeds as well as a chicken coop and a few cows. Castiel raised an eyebrow as he continued his surveillance, when he imagined his own personal heaven a farm had not been near the top of his list.

Cas?” Castiel’s vessel’s heart nearly stopped as his head snapped towards the sound of the voice calling his name. Dean Winchester was sitting in an old rocking chair on the porch of a large home. The Impala was parked under a canopy near where Dean was sitting and he had a cheeky grin spread across his face. “Those burgers aren’t gonna flip themselves you know!” He leaned back as his gaze turned back towards the children who had returned to their loud shenanigans.

Castiel’s nose followed the scent of cooking beef and he made his way to metal box emitting the smell. He used the handle to pull up the lid and there sat many half cooked pieces of ground beef over a charcoal fire. How the human species had grown from the time of open campfires cooking deer legs. A strong pair of arms circled around his waist and a strong body pressed against his back. Dean smiled into his neck as he placed a small trail of kisses along his jawline.

I’m not going to have to reteach you how to flip a burger am I? I thought you would have gotten the hang of it by now.” Dean released him to pick up a metal instrument and expertly turned the meat patties over so the uncooked sides could feel the heat from the flames in the bottom of the metal container.

Daddy?” A small tug on Castiel’s overcoat alerted him to the presence of one of the small children he had witnessed playing earlier. “Are the burgers almost ready?” Castiel gave a confused look to the boy who grinned up at him sheepishly, he was missing one of his front teeth.

Almost, Jimmy, go and get your brother.” Dean answered swiftly and the boy ran off. Castiel followed the boy as his heart began to race inside of his chest. He finally understand what his own personal heaven had manifested into. A normal human life with Dean Winchester.

30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 3/30 – Don’t Say You’re Sorry (Supernatural/Destiel)

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Title: Don’t Say You’re Sorry
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Fluff, Feels
Word Count: 1,395
Summary: Dean goes to the psychiatric ward to visit Castiel after finding out that he has woken from his catatonic slumber only to find that he is not the same as he left him.


Dean walked through the dark empty halls of the psychiatric ward looking for the runaway angel. He had mistakenly raised his voice and sent the Angel flying to who knows where. Castiel had changed after correcting the mistake he made with Sam and Lucifer. The devil had tormented Sam into a catatonic state that even Castiel’s powers couldn’t seem to fix. So instead of leaving him that way, Castiel instead took on the burden himself and had gone beyond the deep end. He couldn’t hold a conversation for more than a few sentences. It was like all of the knowledge he had gained from the thousands of years he had been alive was swimming around his head all at once and he just couldn’t keep track of it all.


Dean would never forget the feeling when the body of that demon rolled down the front steps of a strangers home and landed at the feet of Castiel. But he would never be more mistaken then he was in that moment. He didn’t know why he didn’t think of it sooner, he supposed it was simply because he was so happy to see his angel. He was sure that Castiel was gone for good, imploded from the pressure of the Leviathans he had swallowed. There had been no trace of a body, only the trench coat had been left behind in the giant water treatment plant.


Castiel somehow survived, however, he had completely forgotten who he was or what the two of them had gone through together. He started a completely new life with the woman he found him coming out of the water like a born again human. In a few months the two had fallen in love and gotten married and he was spending his life using his angel powers to fly around the world and heal the sick and dying. When Dean drove Castiel to the psychiatric ward he considered not telling Cas’ anything. He loved Castiel so much he was willing to give up. He was willing to have him heal Sam and return to his wife. To be in love, to have children, have a semi-natural life that Dean could never offer him. As much as it hurt to think about, he would have given Castiel back to his wife in an instant and walked out the door never looking back. If it meant that Castiel would be happy.


But happiness just didn’t seem to be in the cards for anyone. The moment he began smiting demons, Castiel’s memory returned to him and he remembered everything that had happened between them. What he had done to Sam and once he discovered that he could not fix it he instead transferred the burden onto himself. Unable to protect him from the dangers while all Castiel could do was stare into the opposite wall in silence. They couldn’t protect them even if they wanted too. So they chose instead to leave him in a psych ward protected by a demon.


There you are.” Dean found Castiel sitting at an empty table in what looked like a recreational room. Easels and art supplies were pushed against the wall unused. Piles of notebooks and board games reached waist height all across the rooms.


Hello Dean.” Castiel smiled sweetly as Dean made his way around the table to sit down opposite him. Castiel was a completely changed man from the angel he had first met. Castiel rarely smiled and it had been years since the last time he had seen it.


Castiel, you know you just broke the Word of God?” Castiel frowned, obviously displeased with his actions. Dean rolled his eyes. “Cas, don’t you remember what you did? You let those things out in the world, you caused all of this, the least you could do is help us all fix this.” Cas bowed his head in shame but made no move to actually say anything helpful. He reached over to a box on the table and looked at it for a moment before showing it to Dean. ‘Sorry!’ was a board game he had never got to play much as a child but then again he never really had much of a childhood at all. He was too busy comforting Mom when Dad went off on his hunting trips or taking care of Sammy after Mom died and Dad was on his constant revenge binges. Castiel shook the box and the board and pieces appeared before them.


Would you like to go first?” Castiel smiled and Dean could feel the ice around his heart melting. “I was thinking of possibly acquiring a cat. The caretakers here took us on a field trip to an animal shelter once and there was this black and white kitten that felt like it would belong with us.” For a moment they were in their own world, a normal world. The two of them were falling in love, playing a board game inside his apartment with wine and having a good time enjoying one another’s company. Castiel wasn’t clinically insane and Dean wasn’t a demon hunter going after the Leviathans. And Dean remembered every time he had lost Castiel.


When Castiel died for him protecting him from Archangels. When Lucifer made him spontaneously combust all over him during the beginning of the apocalypse. When he had to watch Castiel’s vessel return to his human family with loving wife and children waiting for him to return. When Castiel absorbed all of the souls in purgatory and became God so that he could protect Dean from the apocalypse. When the Leviathans ripped him apart from the inside and used his shell to spread across the globe. When he had to watch Castiel hold his new wife in his arms like he had never been happier. When he sacrificed his own sanity to save Sam for Dean. He had watched Castiel die and leave so many times. For a moment, it all was gone, it was simply the two of them. And then it all came crashing back down on him all at once.


Dean?” Castiel watched as Dean buried his face in his hands and his shoulders began to shake slightly and was frozen. Castiel had never seen Dean like this before and was unsure of what to do. The human in his charge was so frozen to physical affection or praise that comfort seemed like a foreign answer to this particular riddle. “Is everything alright?”


No, Cas, it’s not.” Dean looked up as tears welled in his eyes. “I’m tired, Cas, tired of all of this. I understand why the angels just want the apocalypse to happen now. I just want things to be different. I’m so tired, of seeing you die, seeing you leave.” Castiel gingerly reached out and touched the side of Deans face and waited to be shunned or yelled at. Instead, Dean laid a hand on top of his hand and wrapped the other around him forearm and leaned into his touch. “We’ll get a cat, Cas. We’ll do whatever you want, just please, promise me you won’t leave me again. I don’t think I can take anymore.” Castiel stared into those deep brown eyes as tears spilled down his face.


I won’t leave you again, Dean. I promise.” The angel reached across the table to gather his human into an embrace. Dean stiffened for a moment before relaxing and allowing Castiel to hold him as the tears dried on his face and a smile slowly formed on his lips. He had never loved someone as deeply as this angel and through the hurt and the tears his heart still pounded in his ears when Castiel touched him. Castiel moved to release Dean from the hug, assuming that the usually emotionally detached had had enough but he simply gripped him tighter and didn’t give any indication that he was ready to let go. Castiel pushed the forgotten game board from the table and pressed a kiss on his humans lips. All the thoughts in his head suddenly had gone away as every sense was filled with Dean. His taste, his smell, the feel of his hands as they tightened on his shoulders. Everything in the world was gone and Dean was all there was.


30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 2/30 – Hallucinogenics (Supernatural/Destiel – Rated R!)

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Title: Hallucinogenics
Rating: R
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Slash, Smut, Drug and Alcohol Use
Word Count: 2,506
Summary: When Dean travels back in time to see Castiel in 2014, he wonders what happened to make the both fall so far from where they were heading five years prior.

Dean frowned heavily as he clawed at the floorboards of the log cabin his future self had left himself in to go on some sort of supply run mission. Being himself from the future he knew where all his strategic places for hidden knives and lockpicks were so he had to think of something creative. Thankfully, there was a nail in the floorboards within reach and he hadn’t cut his finger nails in a few days. It didn’t take long to expose the lucky nail that would free him from captivity but picking a lock with only a nail was about as easy to do as it sounded. Luckily for him, his future self didn’t chain both of his hands to the bunk beds or he would have been shit out of luck.

Dean stood and stretched letting out a long crack along the length of his spine. He really was starting to get too old for these types of adventures. He looked around for trip wires or any sort of alarm systems that would alert whatever was outside to his escape. Satisfied when he found nothing he gingerly pushed the door open and looked around. People were bustling around but seemed to pay no mind to the him as they continued on with their work. People were taking supplies off of trucks and stacking them while others were taking inventory.

Hey Dean?!” Chuck, a prophet of the Lord, and the writer of the Supernatural book franchise jogged up to him carrying a clip board. Dean looked around for an escape but found that there was none and swallowed the lump in his throat getting ready to lie in whatever question he was asked. “Can I talk to you for a second?” Dean simply nodded and waited for Chuck to realize he wasn’t his future self. “We’re doing good on canned goods but we’re running low on perishables and hygiene supplies. People are not going to be happy about this. What should we do, boss?” Dean simply blinked at him.

I-I don’t know.” Chuck stared at him with a quizzical look and Dean’s breath once again got stuck deep in his throat.

Wait, aren’t you supposed to be on a mission right now?” Before Dean could come up with an excuse that seemed plausible a screech of a woman made him whip around. He easily caught her flying hand as she made a move to slap him.

Woah, chill out lady!” He let go of her only to grab onto Chuck and place him between himself and the extremely angry woman.

Did you spend last night in Jane’s cabin?!” Dean blinked slowly, completely confused as to what was going on.

I don’t know… did I?” Dean asked Chuck and Chuck nodded slowly, seemingly fearful of the petite brunette before them.

You pig! I thought we had a ‘connection’.” She used air quotes to make sure he was aware that he had indeed said these words. Dean gave her a quick look over, she was small in every sense of the word and with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and seemed to be somewhere in between Latino and Asian in decent. Not really the type of girl he would usually go after but if this was the apocalypse then his options were probably limited.

Oh, I’m sure we do.” She threw her water bottle in disgust and stomped away. Dean blinked and shook his head to himself.

Man, rapping on me for something I haven’t even done yet.”

What?” Chuck turned around a gave him an odd look.

Nothing, um, hey listen, is Cas still around?” Chuck furrowed his brow in confusion.

Oh yeah, I don’t think Cas is going anywhere.”

Well, where is he?”

Probably still in his cabin this time of day.”

And where is his cabin?” Chuck blinked for a moment.

Have you been dipping into his stash?” And he pointed over to a large cabin towards the back of the camp. Confused by Chuck’s words he thanked him and made his way through the small groups of people to the cabin in question. He could hear soft music rolling through the string of beads being used as a door to the entrance of the cabin. Strong scents of incense and candles obviously attempting to cover up the stench of marijuana and alcohol wafted through the air as he pushed the bead curtain aside and stepped inside.

Statues of zen figures surrounded by hundreds of candles littered the shelves and dressers around the room. Castiel was sitting cross legged on the floor in a circle of woman, all of which were large chested, blonde and very good looking. Castiel himself was not in his signature trench coat but instead in a button up blue shirt and jeans with a large amount of peach fuzz sitting along his strong jaw line.

This enlightenment reaching technique is surprisingly physical and will need all of our combined efforts to achieve.” Dean raised an eyebrow and leaned against the wall crossing his arms. These woman couldn’t have been too bright if they were falling for what Castiel was selling them. As if sensing him, Castiel glanced over at him and winked slyly and he was once again breathless at the sight of the very attractive angel.

Excuse me, ladies, I think I need to confer with our fearless leader for a moment, why don’t you all get washed up for the orgy.” Dean had to suppress a giggle as Castiel smiled up at the woman as they all stood and made their way out of the cabin. Castiel stood up and stretched and the pops of his bones were audible above the music.

So what, you’re like a hippie now?” Castiel snickered.

I thought you got over trying to label me.” Castiel looked at him for a moment and frowned. “You’re not you, at least not present you.” Dean’s eyes widened and his smile matched, he knew he could count on Cas to figure out this whole mess without him having to think of a non-complicated explanation.

Yes, oh thank God.”

What year are you from?”

2009.” Castiel nodded slowly, as if traveling back in time to the year and reliving memories.

Who did this to you? Was it Zachariah?” Dean nodded and Castiel reciprocated with a nod of his own.

So I need you to strap on your angel wings and fly me back to my time.” Castiel began to laugh uncontrollably as he padded across the room and opened up what looked like a very stocked liquor cabinet.

I wish I could just strap on my wings and help you but alas, no dice.” And the angel continued to giggle. Dean scoffed and walked over to him, turning Castiel’s face towards him and looking into his eyes.

Are you high?” Castiel smiled softly.


What the hell happened to you?” Castiel paused for a minute, his laugh slowly fading away.

You did.” Dean released Castiel’s face and looked at him dejectedly.

How do you mean?”

You know what I mean. You really think the two of us on the road we were on didn’t try?” Dean swallowed slowly.

What happened to us?” Castiel shrugged.

You changed, not unexpected however. We all lost a lot, you in particular.”

Where’s Sam?” Castiel frowned.

He’s gone. Dead more than likely. We haven’t seen him in five years, not since he said yes to Lucifer.” Dean felt as though everything had just crashed down on him in a single moment. “Sorry.”


I don’t know. I suppose he just caved underneath the pressure of being the vessel of Lucifer and constantly fighting an unstoppable event.” The sound of a pair of trucks pulling met their ears. “And that will be you. I have to go square a few things with him, I’ll be back later.” Castiel placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder briefly before disappearing behind a clack of beads. Dean nearly fell into the chair he sat in at the nearby table. How could his brother give into the devil like that? They had done so much and gone so far to prevent the apocalypse in their own way without losing themselves to the fighting angels. They wanted to safe everyone instead of giving into the ‘needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few’ argument. What had happened to make Sam change his mind? Dean looked at the still open cabinet and felt it was about time for a drink.

There were shelves of fine wine, scotch and vodka littering all but the top shelf of the lockable liquor cabinet. The top shelf was covered in pill bottles, bags of marijuana and white powders he couldn’t decipher. During the apocalypse that killed billions of people he supposed it must have become a finders keeps world. Dean picked up an expensive crystal bottle filled with what he assumed would be a very comforting scotch and made his way to the back of the cabin.

Castiel’s bed was littered with what seemed like thousands of pillows and was large enough to house a family of Mormons possibly two. Clothes of different genders were scattered everywhere as well as empty beer and pill bottles alike. His original thought was far more correct than he wanted to admit, Castiel had changed into an almost unidentifiable person. What had happened between them to make them both fall so far? He sat on the bed and poured himself a generous amount of scotch. As he set the bottle down on the bedside table he picked up a stray bottle of what looked like Oxycontin tipped over beside the lamp. Dean popped a few pills, figuring he might as well have some fun while he was in the future and the outcomes didn’t matter. He laid down gently, taking in the scent of Castiel, with the intent of drowning his memories away.

You still here?” A gruff voice gently nudged him from his intoxicated stupor and his arm lolled off the side of the bed as an indication that he was concious. Castiel, who had come into the cabin a minute before, was now standing over him with a half concerned and half amused look on his face.

Enjoying yourself?”

Why not? You do.” Castiel smiled and picked up the half full glass of scotch on the floor. Dean made a noise similar to a child expressing his obvious distaste for Castiel’s actions.

I think you’ve had enough.”

I’m not a child, I know when I’ve had enough.”

But like a child, you still need someone to look after you when you’re about to make mistakes. Besides, I’m pretty sure if past you dies in the future then everything in the time line changes.” Dean groaned and Castiel rolled his eyes and set the glass on the table.

What happened to us?” Dean turned to get a look at Castiel but only saw a giant haze of rainbow colors and what could barely be made out as Castiel’s outline. “What happened to make us fall so far out of love?” Castiel smiled and paused for a moment. It would be quite a while in the future of Dean before he admitted his feelings to Castiel.

A lot of factors contributed I suppose. Losing Sam hit us all pretty hard, betrayal like that doesn’t exactly go away easily. And then you spent a few years trying to find and save as many survivors of the apocalypse. But we only kept losing everyone we tried to save. We don’t even know if we’re the last pack of humans alive or not. After watching everyone you cared about get eaten or having to kill yourself you just changed.”

Into something you couldn’t love anymore.” Dean attempted to complete his sentence.

No,” Castiel smirked and sat down on the edge of the bed slipping off his boots, “I never stopped loving you. You changed into something that wasn’t able to love, even me, anymore. Not that you are to blame for that. You were the only one I ever truly cared about, I waited around for a while, but eventually I knew you weren’t coming back to who you used to be.”

Cas… I’m sorry,” Dean rolled over and Cas turned to look at him, “I promise I won’t turn into this. I won’t change.” Castiel let out a small sigh and smiled before learning down and planting a kill on his past loves forehead. As he attempted to pull away Dean grabbed a fist full of Castiel’s shirt and pulled him on top of him. Cas smiled and leaned into the kiss while maneuvering himself into a more comfortable position. “When did you learn to do that?” Dean asked as Cas shrugged off his shirt.

I had a good teacher.” Castiel pressed Dean into the mattress and ground his hips into the intoxicated man below him. A surprised squeak came from Dean as Cas’ hands came to undo the buttons of his jacket. Dean watched as Castiel pulled his shirt off and pressed lips against the front of his neck. The blue eyed angel never took his eyes off of Dean as he sent slow drawn out kisses down the center of his body. Following the long groove that connected each side of his chest he kept eye contact as tongue met the top of Dean’s belt.

Expert hands ran along Dean’s thighs and made him shudder. Castiel ignored the hem of his jeans and pressed kisses on the denim giving Dean what he wanted while denying him all the same. He wanted skin on skin contact, he wanted his angel to show him what he learned. But Castiel knew better than to rush this, he finally had Dean in his bed after so long of wanting him again, even if he was from the past. Dean let out a long groan as Castiel ran his tongue along the denim covered zipper of his jeans. He could no longer take the stare of those beautiful blue eyes and chose to stair at the wooden ceilings. He tried to follow the rainbow colored stars he was seeing as Castiel practiced his seductions on him. He was lost in hazes of lust and longing he had never known existed for his angel. His release was met with sounds he hadn’t made since he lost his virginity which felt like ages ago.

I never taught you that…” Dean gasped as he crashed into the mountain of pillows. Castiel smirked and laid down beside him, tracing invisible symbols on his stomach absentmindedly.

Not yet, but you will.”

30 Day Ficlit Challenge: Day 1/30 – Not On My Watch (Supernatural/Destiel)

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Title: Not On My Watch
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Castiel – Supernatural
Warning: Slash, Semi-Smut
Word Count: 2,884
Summary: On the eve of their mission to kill Lucifer, Dean asks Castiel what he wants to do on his last night on Earth. When Dean learns that Castiel is still a virgin he vows to ensure that Castiel does not die a virgin.


This is probably our last night on Earth… what were you planning on doing?” Dean set his beer on the table and sat in the old rocking chair across from Castiel. The awkward angel had been silently sitting alone in the living room ever since they had arrived home from their Earth shattering revelation that they were going to try and kill the Devil tomorrow. Dean had been resting in the upstairs bedroom for the majority of the day cuddling with a bottle of scotch. He had slept surprisingly well for someone who was planning on dying the next morning but he figured that he might as well spend his last day on Earth doing something he rarely got to do in life; and that was get some sleep. Castiel didn’t seem to have moved at all from the time he had left him hours before.

I was… just planning on sitting here quietly.” Dean blinked slowly.

That’s it? Just sit there?”

Well, I was going to ponder the questions of life and the unanswerable philosophical riddles mankind has put before us but I…” Castiel stopped when he saw Dean roll his eyes and pick up the beer bottle to drink from. He obviously seemed either completely uninterested or confused about the things he was saying and thought it best to remain quiet instead.

It’s your last night on Earth and you want to think about Philosophy in the dark?” Dean’s left eyebrow raised significantly higher than his right, it was a look of question. “You don’t want to do anything? No bar hopping? Get a bed full of ladies and…” Castiel’s eyes widened and Dean stopped. “You HAVE been with someone before haven’t you?” Castiel felt like the proverbial “deer caught in the headlights”. Dean smirked and leaned in closer, he had smelled blood and he was going to rip him apart. Castiel felt his neck grow hot and he mindlessly rubbed it. “Really? Come on man, with you looking like that you can’t tell me you haven’t used the ‘I’m an Angel of the Lord’ line to catch some tail.”

I’ve never had an occasion too…” Dean suddenly stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair.

I know what we’re doing tonight.” Cas’ eyes felt like they were bulging out of his vessels sockets. “You are NOT gonna die a virgin! Not on my watch!” And he strode out of the room leaving Castiel alone.. He sat there frozen, what could Dean have meant by that? How was he going to take his virginity? He contemplated his options for a moment. He could simply stay in his seat and pray that Dean didn’t come looking for him but he knew that idea was flawed. All he would do was provoke Dean’s ribbing at his obvious discomfort for the topic of intercourse. His only option was to go with him wherever it was he was heading.

Dean was sitting on the hood of the Impala with his wallet in hand, he seemed very interested in the amount of money that he was carrying on his person. He didn’t say anything as Cas closed the door behind them and waved his hand before the door knob to lock it. He climbed into the passenger seat and sat quietly as Dean turned on the radio and filled the car with obnoxiously loud noise. It was obvious by this motion that Dean was not interested in conversing with him.

Castiel sat stiffly beside his charge as they hurtled toward their unmentioned destination. He had no idea where they were going or how Dean planned for him to lose his virginity. He shifted slightly at the thought, his Father had always taught his followers that intercourse was meant to be shared between two beings who were destined to stay together for life. After becoming married, and not a moment sooner, could a couple participate in otherwise sinful pleasure. Castiel had never been married or in any sort of relationship while in heaven and he didn’t take part in sinful activities while occupying his vessel as some of his brothers did. The closest he had come to any sexual contact was watching Dean during one of his many escapades before he pulled him out of Hell.

How had the human race fallen so far from God that one of his more simple requested had turned so far from what he had intended. The human race was now so over populated with children being born purely out of sex with strangers and either left to die, orphaned or emotionally scarred from growing up without one or both of their parents. Much like doves, human beings had always been made to mate for life for their children needed protection until they were much older. The human race would have died out long ago if the man simply impregnated and left like many of God’s creatures especially in the early stages of human evolution. No father to protect and bring food to a pregnant mother as well as the high risk of her dying during child birth, not to mention the constant threat from weather, wild animals and disease for both mother and child. The human race would have had no chance of survival if God had not made them life long mates. But now they had become complacent, no need for instincts that surrounded around survival to keep them alive, their desires overcoming their senses now that responsibility for bringing children into the world was replaced by orphanages and adoption programs.

CAS!” Castiel looked into the brown eyes staring at him from outside the passenger. He had become lost in his thoughts and they had arrived at their intended destination. Castiel appeared outside of the car and stared at the entrance of establishment they had parked in front of. A neon outline of an unnaturally curvy woman sat atop a sign that read “The Blue Moon: Gentleman’s Club”. Castiel blinked, the sign was a contradiction in itself, if this was a club for men then why would their advertisement feature a woman? Dean was already strutting inside as he turned his head away from the sign. He quickly followed him inside and regretted the decision to leave the house the moment he looked inside.

Dean sat down at a table in the center of the room and Castiel took a seat opposite him while looking around astonished. Women in little to no clothing were walking around everywhere as if this was a normal occurrence for them. Some were holding trays of drinks while others were perched on mens laps giggling as portions of their necks and ears were nibbled on. A topless woman was wrapping herself around a pole attached to the ceiling as a group of men around the stage threw money at her heeled feet. The establishment was dark and smelled of cigarettes, alcohol and broken shambles of self esteem.

Here you go honey.” A beautiful brunette with breasts larger than her head placed a large glass of beer beside his hand and winked at him as she walked away. Castiel saw no point in drinking the beer, as an angel it would take gallons of beer for him to feel the slightest bit tipsy. He seemed to be able to achieve copious amounts of alcohol and food that would kill an army of normal men. He stared at a man in the corner who had his arms wrapped around two scantily clad women whose hands were traveling dangerous below his belt line.

Relax…” Dean took a drink of the identical glass of beer placed before him and looked around the room. He was obviously about to take his pick of the many women sitting alone in the room. Dean was a very attractive human and could easily have any woman in the room. A blond in see through black cloth walked by him and Dean took one look at her before swiftly reaching out and grabbing her wrist. She turned around swiftly and stared at Dean behind heavily made up eyes. She smiled, obviously pleased with Deans physical appearance.

What’s your name?” She asked as she sauntered over to Dean and ran her fingers through his hair.

Dean, what’s your name beautiful?” Dean was in seduce mode as his voice dropped dangerously low. Castiel swallowed the lump in his throat as her hands slipped beneath Deans button up shirt. Her free hand took hold of Dean’s free hand and brought it to her solar plexus, running his hand down the length of the front of her body.

Athena.” She ran her hands along his chest as his hand fell limply onto the chair arm. His deep brown eyes never left her face as she slowly began to unbutton his shirt to expose the naked skin beneath. She ran her hands along his bare skin and Castiel watched mesmerized as Dean closed his eyes for a moment and let a small smile spread across his lips.

Hi.” Castiel nearly jumped out of his vessel when a petite blond barely dressed in white walked up to him and smiled. “What’s your name?” Castiel quickly looked back at Dean whose partner had disappeared in the folds on his neck. Possibly, if he ignored the woman she would simply leave him alone. Dean slowly loled his head in Castiel’s direction and the air caught in his throat as Dean, whose eyes were still hazed in lust, looked at him. Castiel couldn’t break the gaze even if he wanted to and Dean looked slowly to Castiel’s right. Castiel swallowed again and looked over at the oblivious blond who obviously was not leaving even with his attempt to ignore her.

His name is Cas, what’s yours?” Castiel looked back over at Dean as he answered the question.

Chastity.” She said with a triumphant smile. Castiel raised an eyebrow slowly, her name was not Chastity, in fact it was Jennifer Stanson, and she was a college dropout who lived at home taking care of her sick mother.

Well isn’t that a match made in heaven.” The blond sitting on Dean’s lap urgently pulled on his shirt, it was obvious that she wanted his full attention. Dean stood up Athena smiled slyly and hand still on his shirt seemed to be leading him to a hallway. He stopped suddenly and reached into his pocket and shoved a handful of money onto the table. “Go get ’em tiger.” Castiel wanted to beg Dean not to leave him or at least ask to go with him so he would have an excuse to not be left alone with the persistent woman white who seemed to have an intense interest in him. But he seemed to be enthralled with a large chested woman leading him by the shirt into what looked like a bedroom in the long hallway behind the open room.

Come on baby, I don’t bite. Unless that’s something you like.” She winked and took his hand. Castiel picked up the beer and downed it in one sweep before picking up the wad of cash Dean had left him and slowly followed Jennifer into the open room she had disappeared into. She lit some candles on the bedside table and sat on the bed and patted the empty space beside her. This was an indication that she wanted him to join her there. He slowly sat down on the obviously washed yet still disgusting sheets.

No need to keep your coat on sweetie.” Castiel made no motion to remove any part of his attire as touched his shoulder. She stood up and slid a leg between his thighs, the top of her knee resting against his groin as she kissed him passionately. He made no move to reciprocate her actions and merely sat there stiffly. She pulled back slowly and ran a hand down his chest. “This your first time here? Relax, no need to be so nervous.” He blinked slowly as she attempted to unbutton the top over shirt and loosen his tie.

So what is a guy like you doing in a place like this anyway? You’re very handsome, I’m sure you could get any girl you wanted.” Castiel sat and pondered her words for a moment. He had seen Jimmy from Heaven as he looked down on him but had never considered his physical appearance Was he considered to be above average in terms of human attractiveness? He had never took any time to look at himself in the mirror as his vessels appearance meant nothing to him.

Tomorrow, I intend to follow the Winchesters into battle to kill Lucifer in hopes of ending the certain apocalypse but it is more likely that we will all die so Dean brought me here so I would not die a virgin.” She stopped sucking on his neck long enough to lean back and look him in the eyes. She seemed confused and slightly scared by his response.

What?” Castiel tilted his head to the side as he stared into her eyes. She became a prostitute due to her father leaving her and her sick mother alone when she was in high school. She couldn’t stay in college and help take of her mother so she dropped out and took this job for the extra money to help pay for the bills.

Your father didn’t leave because of you, Jennifer. He simply hated his job at the post office.” Her eyes grew wide and she reached back and slapped him. He felt no pain as humans had significantly less physical strength than angels did and she stomped out of the room screaming obscenities. Cas stood up and followed her out of the room. Everyone stared at him as she expressed her hatred for him. Dean and his partner walked out of their room and their eyes met. Dean’s button up shirt was pushed open and Castiel’s gaze ran over the smooth skin and muscles of his stomach as his partner ushered the screaming girl into their room and shut the door on Dean as he raised his hands in question.

What did you do man?” Dean walked over to him as the people around them slowly began to whisper to one another.

Nothing. I simply told her that it wasn’t her fault that her father left.” Dean gave him a look as though he had just made an obviously huge mistake.

No man… this business is built out of absent fathers.” Dean looked up and two burly men in black shirts that barely stretched across their large chests and his eyes grew. “We better go.” And they quickly evacuated through the nearest back exit. Dean was still laughing as they walked out into the cold evening air.


Nothing, I just haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.” Castiel watched as Dean began to button his shirt back up to block the cold from the air. Tanned skin slowly began to disappear behind black cotton and silver buttons. Dean looked up and watched as Castiel’s eyes slowly followed his hands as they worked their way to each set of buttons. Dean left the last few buttons open and Castiel’s eyes lingered on the exposed skin before looking into Dean’s eyes. Dean smiled and walked to the driver’s side of the Impala.

Castiel walked through the door of the broken down home that Dean had decided to call home for the next couple of days while he and Same took some time apart. Dean said nothing during the ride home and simply walked upstairs without looking at Cas. He furrowed his brow as he sat back in the chair he had started in before their adventure at the Gentleman’s Club. He did not act the same towards him when Castiel had looked at Dean the same way the women inside of the club did. Had he done something socially wrong or awkward that may have made him uncomfortable? Castiel did not understand many of the human social interaction rules that everyone but him seemed to understand.

The clang of glasses alerted him to the top of the stairs as a shirtless Dean made his way down the steps with a crystal bottle of scotch and two glasses in hand. He was missing his shirt and boots as he padded across the room and set the bottle on the table. Dean made no eye contact with him as he poured a large glass for himself.

Well, I said I wasn’t going to let you die a virgin,” Dean took a long drink from his glass and flashed a glance at Castiel who had nothing but a look of confusion on his face. “And I meant it.” Dean picked up Castiel’s hand and slowly ran it down the length of his body. The angels eyes widened as his finger tips touched soft skin and dipped into the grooves of his stomach muscles. “So pour me another drink, I’m gonna need a few.”

NaNoWriMo Idea For This Year (Personal Challenge)

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I started the NaNoWriMo this year thinking I was finally going to start a novel idea that I have had for over three years. I was going to begin the first 1,667 words today and just could not feel the motivation to write it. I finished about 700 words and just couldn’t feel right about the project. I didn’t like the way that the writing was going, but I felt like I couldn’t change it because I was already behind. I was also worried that I wasn’t going to be able to reach the 50,000 word goal with the novel because I haven’t actually sat down and fleshed out a timeline for the actual trilogy. I have a major plot (IE a point and an ending in mind) and some world rules ideas in mind but no actual full fleshed out plot line from beginning to end. And then I just kept worrying and worrying. This novel idea is actually something I want to seriously publish someday and I really don’t want to rush it just to get it out just for a NaNoWriMo.
So instead, I have decided to do this. I will be spending the next year fleshing out the actual plotline so that I can actually write the book next year. This year I am going to do a personal challenge of doing one small ficlit every day for the month of Novemeber. I have never done a lot of Short Stories or Ficlits or Drabbles because I always think of an entire plot line for a story (hence why I once had over 125 full story fan fiction ideas back in high school) but I am going to try this short story thing. Because I have so many ideas when watching television shows or watching movies that no one ever gets to hear about because they give me fan fiction ideas that either never get written or get partly written and then forgotten about.

In about an hour I thought of at least 11 of the 30 ficlics so far (I have another idea but I’m still fleshing it out a bit and considering if I really want to do it or not). Some of the fandoms I’ve gotten so far are

  • Supernatural (Destiel specifically)
  • Sherlock (JohnLock specifically)
  • Doctor Who
  • League of Legends

I’m REALLY obsessed with Supernatural and Castiel in particular so like 8 of 11 ideas are Destiel ficlits so I’m hoping to get some variety in there so it’s not ALL Destiel. If these ideas come to fruition and it works with my muses then maybe I can continue on with this after the November!

The first and second ficlits will be released tomorrow! I only came up with this idea at around 10pm today so I obviously won’t be finishing the first fic by midnight tonight. So instead I will be getting my Europe West League of Legends Account to 30 tonight and then write all day this weekend during MLG Dallas while I cheer on CLG.EU to victory! I also will be posting episode reactions for Merlin and the Walking Dead on Saturday and Sunday respectively so all the writings!