Supernatural: 8×05 “Blood Brothers” Initial Reactions and Speculations

So I just have a lot of feelings about this episode in general. One of the main reasons is because Castiel is featured in it which means it isn’t a “monster of the week” episode and the main plot line will be explored further. Anytime the letters “Special Guest Starring: Misha Collins” appears in the opening credits I know that there is nothing bad about this episode.

It’s been two weeks since we have heard anything about Castiel and we were left with a very heartbreaking flashback clip to end all cliffhangers. Castiel reaching out and calling Dean’s name with what looks like him being left behind. We knew for a fact that Castiel would be appearing in flashbacks in 8×05 by a confirmed source which I hope meant we would see a conclusion as to what actually happened to Castiel as a sea of possibilities are there to speculate upon.

This episode was all about Benny for the most part and was a way to explain his character to the audience in a very personal way by taking Dean along to kill the man that killed him. We learned that Benny was killed by his maker (who the Vampire’s worship, very similar to Makers in True Blood) after he left his Vampirate clan to be with a human woman. We also learned that Benny doesn’t feed on human beings and instead drinks donated blood bags he buys off the Black Market.

  • Personally, I’m kind of sick of the whole good vampire thing. I think it would have been much more interesting if Dean was helping/befriending a Vampire that actually killed like normal Vampire’s are supposed to do. The “Vampire that was evil but has learned from his past mistakes and found something in humanity” thing is getting so old within the genre.

We also see a Castiel vs Benny conflict for Dean’s attention and affection so to speak. Benny wants Dean to cut Castiel loose because he is worried that having the only Angel in Purgatory (a bright shiny beacon) would bring them too much attention and would end up getting them all killed before they could get out of Purgatory. And Castiel also wants Dean to leave him behind so that he doesn’t get Dean killed but he also wants to stay with Dean because he wants the two of them to leave together. Both of the men are looking out for Dean’s interests (even Benny, although his intentions are self serving because he needs Dean alive so he can leave Purgatory himself) in mind. The two of them are also fighting with each other with Dean caught in the middle.

And we cannot forget the obvious change in Dean and Sam’s relationship. Dean is keeping his friendship with Benny a secret, although he is seen contemplating telling Sam about him numerous times while on the way/inside the Vampire nest. Sam can see that Dean has changed since his time in Purgatory and wants to know Deans every move before he decides to make it. After living in fear and battle hardened, having no social interactions except for with a Vampire and Castiel for a short time, I’m sure he feels like he shouldn’t have to answer to his little brother every single time he wants to leave the house. He spent over a year being hunted by Leviathans, demons and who knows what else and feels like he can handle some Vampires.

And now… we STILL haven’t found out exactly what happened to Castiel. We know in 8×07 that Castiel has gotten out of Purgatory somehow. We knew in 8×05 that we would see Castiel in a flashback sequence in Purgatory. Which made me think that we would find out what the ominous flashback at the end of 8×02 was all about this episode with a filler episode for 8×06. We got more back story but not an actual answer to the questions I personally been looking for. We learned that even Castiel didn’t believe that he could leave Purgatory with Dean and that he was only putting him in danger. We learned that Dean basically tells Benny that if he wants a free ride out then he needs to help him bring Castiel with them. We also learned that Benny saved Castiel when he could have let him die.

The very last thing we saw of 8×02 was Castiel reaching out for Dean. Like he was looking to grab onto Dean’s hand and was either let go by whoever had his hand or let go himself. I want to believe that Benny was the one who had Castiel’s hand and let him go. But there are so many things that go against this theory. Benny wasn’t in a human form when Dean left Purgatory, this suggests that he needed to be hidden inside Dean’s body (aka his “essence” in his arm) so if he didn’t have a physical body then he couldn’t have been the one holding onto or letting go of Castiel’s hand. Also, if Benny got Castiel killed and Dean knew about it I highly doubt that Dean would be helping him in any way shape or form. I would sincerely hope that Dean cares enough about Castiel that he wouldn’t be in cahoots with the guy who killed his angel. The other possibility is that Castiel let go of Dean so that he could go through the doorway and sacrificed himself to the Leviathan’s that were chasing after them. But this also doesn’t seem likely either do to the way Castiel was calling out Dean’s name. Like he was afraid that Dean had just left him there to die. As well as the note where Kevin said “the people you no longer need end up dead” and the thing Dean thought about was Castiel’s (in his mind) dying moment where he was reaching out to him. Why would he think about that moment if Castiel sacrificed himself? Unless he didn’t. Unless Dean really did let Castiel go because he couldn’t come with them. Which ALSO doesn’t make any sense, if Dean let Castiel go on purpose then why is Castiel okay with Dean the moment they meet once he is out of Purgatory (as seen the 8×07 stills). NOTHING makes any sense and none of the possible outcomes of what happened in 8×02 flashback seem to add up with the information that we’re given.

I assumed that 8×06 would be a filler episode since 8×07 and 8×08 are scheduled to be Castiel heavy episodes and pushes the main plot along nicely. However, in 8×06 previews we’re given new Castiel Purgatory flashback sequences and the entirety of the episode seems to be centered around Dean finding out that the reason Sam wasn’t looking for him after Castiel and Dean killed Dick was because he had found a girlfriend and he does NOT seem at all happy about it (even downright murderous). I have a feeling we aren’t going to be finding out exactly what happened to Castiel in 8×06 no matter how much I want to pretend that we will. I want too SO BADLY but I have a feeling the only way we’ll find out what happened will be from Castiel himself in 8×07. I think what will happen is we will find out exactly how the doorway out of Purgatory works, how Dean, Castiel and Benny found their way there and possibly the same snippet of Castiel’s “death” from 8×02 with no real answers.

Next weeks episode looks extremely interesting for Dean and Sam’s relationship development and well as Dean’s personal character development. I am excited and Wednesday cannot come soon enough! I hope this was at all interesting. I have started this new blog in hopes of expressing my emense thoughts on many things. Television Series, Music, Video Games and General Life Experiences as a Young Woman trying to battle her way through the world!


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