NaNoWriMo Idea For This Year (Personal Challenge)

I started the NaNoWriMo this year thinking I was finally going to start a novel idea that I have had for over three years. I was going to begin the first 1,667 words today and just could not feel the motivation to write it. I finished about 700 words and just couldn’t feel right about the project. I didn’t like the way that the writing was going, but I felt like I couldn’t change it because I was already behind. I was also worried that I wasn’t going to be able to reach the 50,000 word goal with the novel because I haven’t actually sat down and fleshed out a timeline for the actual trilogy. I have a major plot (IE a point and an ending in mind) and some world rules ideas in mind but no actual full fleshed out plot line from beginning to end. And then I just kept worrying and worrying. This novel idea is actually something I want to seriously publish someday and I really don’t want to rush it just to get it out just for a NaNoWriMo.
So instead, I have decided to do this. I will be spending the next year fleshing out the actual plotline so that I can actually write the book next year. This year I am going to do a personal challenge of doing one small ficlit every day for the month of Novemeber. I have never done a lot of Short Stories or Ficlits or Drabbles because I always think of an entire plot line for a story (hence why I once had over 125 full story fan fiction ideas back in high school) but I am going to try this short story thing. Because I have so many ideas when watching television shows or watching movies that no one ever gets to hear about because they give me fan fiction ideas that either never get written or get partly written and then forgotten about.

In about an hour I thought of at least 11 of the 30 ficlics so far (I have another idea but I’m still fleshing it out a bit and considering if I really want to do it or not). Some of the fandoms I’ve gotten so far are

  • Supernatural (Destiel specifically)
  • Sherlock (JohnLock specifically)
  • Doctor Who
  • League of Legends

I’m REALLY obsessed with Supernatural and Castiel in particular so like 8 of 11 ideas are Destiel ficlits so I’m hoping to get some variety in there so it’s not ALL Destiel. If these ideas come to fruition and it works with my muses then maybe I can continue on with this after the November!

The first and second ficlits will be released tomorrow! I only came up with this idea at around 10pm today so I obviously won’t be finishing the first fic by midnight tonight. So instead I will be getting my Europe West League of Legends Account to 30 tonight and then write all day this weekend during MLG Dallas while I cheer on CLG.EU to victory! I also will be posting episode reactions for Merlin and the Walking Dead on Saturday and Sunday respectively so all the writings!


~ by ggelaina on November 1, 2012.

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